NEW 05/9/2014

"Dear Ms. Liggins,

I just want to truly say thank you for bearing with me and my child for the last 11 months.  It has really been a blessing, because this has been a rough time, and you have been nothing but kind and patient with us.  The Lord has really covered you in love, kindness and patience, and for that I greatly appreciate you for all that you have done.  Thank you, Ms. Mary.  I love you. May the Lord continue to shine within you."

~~Anastasia P. (Resident of Willard Apartments)


"Keith (Maintenance Specialist),

Thank you for taking such good care of 'Ms. D'.  You rock!"

~~Jim F. (Miller Valentine Group)


"Dear Mary Liggins & Staff:

Thank you so very much for the beautiful planter for our beloved Curtis R.  We truly appreciate your patience and professionalism for allowing us time to retrieve her items from the apartment.  Curtis enjoyed staying in such a well-maintained building, and deeply cared deeply for her neighbors and friends.  Again, thank you for the humanity that you have shown to us.  God Bless You."

~~Robert and Janice R. (Family of a former resident)


"Dear Miss Liggins and Staff,

Thanks to all of you for being there for me and my kids.  You don't have to take the time to be so kind to us when there are many more residents with problems just like us.  May God's blessings forever and always be upon you and the work that you do in helping those who can't help themselves".

~~Sincerely, Armazell G. on behalf of Karen & Wendell J. (Residents of Accessible Country Trail)


"Dear Mr. Ellis and the Preferred Properties Staff,

Thank you for an enjoyable evening at the (annual resident) picnic in the gets better and better! (Smile)"


~~Dorothy T. (Woodside Village Resident)

“Thank you very much on behalf of the family. My father really enjoyed working and living at the John H. McKissick Senior Apartments. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to serve”.

~~Traci D. on behalf of Jack D. (Former resident of John H. McKissick Senior Apartments)


“P2 has given me the opportunity to take control of my life by eliminating physical barriers. I have been given the chance to live by my rules, not others, thus affecting my decisions.”

~~Sean O. (Resident of one of the Scattered Sites homes)


“Dear Mary,
Keith just left after fixing my bed! Thank you so much for getting it done for me. Keith is a good one! Please thank Dean for sending Keith for me. This is just the best place I have ever lived, because you and everyone at Preferred Properties are so good to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kindness!”

~~Kimberlee L. (Resident of Woodside Village)


“Dear Ms. Liggins and Staff,
Thank you so much for working with me and Karen on getter her another place before Winter. Thanks for all your kindness, patience, and long talks of encouragement through this whole trying time.  You did let your light shine (smile).”       

~~Sincerely, Armazell G. on behalf of Karen J. (Residents of Accessible Country Trail)


P2 has given us the opportunity to do things we otherwise would not have. We are enjoying the new experience of living on our own in a house and having our own bedrooms.”

~~Joe W., James B., and R. Duncan (Residents of one of the Scattered Sites homes)